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HMN, Faktum & Ariko (2017). Contacts of the Estonian residents with gambling 2017

In 2017, subsequent study "Contacts of the Estonian residents with gambling 2017", ordered by HNK, was carried through. The goal was to provide an overview of the behaviour of the Estonian population in regard to playing-related behaviour, its current status and changes within the last years.

The study was carried out by Faktum & Ariko. The survey was co-financed by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia with the support of Estonian Association of Gaming Operators and AS Eesti Loto.

The main areas of the study were as follows:
. Distribution of the population on the basis of the previous experience with gambling;
. Gambling addiction risk groups and their background;
. Experience of gambling in the Internet and preferences.

Results compared to previous studies can be found from the final report:



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